Software Deletes

Software Deletes & Re-Codes

What is a software deletes & re-code?

We provide professional level diagnostics on almost every vehicle, as well as coding and engine remapping on VAG and BMW vehicles. We can resolve complex technical issues such as engine management problems, ABS brake issues, airbag faults and all other problems highlighted by the warning lights in your dashboard.

We’ve got the equipment, know-how and experience to be able to diagnose, re-program, re-code and re-configure your engine to the same standard as your main dealer at a fraction of their charges. We provide a wide range of fault finding and re-programming services, so you need never pay main dealer rates, whatever warning light illuminates on your dashboard.

Software deletes & re-codes with us

Some of the programs, re-codes & re-configurations we offer are:

  • CIM (Column Integrated Module) re-programming
  • DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) re-programming
  • Diesel pump re-configurations
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) re-programming
  • Fuel injector re-coding
  • Immobiliser re-coding
  • Instrument cluster re-programming
  • Key re-coding

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