Full service

What is an Full Service?

A full service is a vehicle inspection that keeps your car running in a safe, reliable and fully functioning condition based on the guidelines that are set out by your car’s manufacturer.

Generally, you should have your car fully serviced every year, or every 10,000-12,000 miles, as this ensures your car is running smoothly and efficiently whilst also reducing the risk of it breaking down and incurring expensive repairs, or even worse, an accident.

What Does a Full Service Include?

Typically, a car service can include fifty or more component and system checks and adjustments including:

Checking of lights, tyres, exhaust

Checking the operation of brakes and steering

Change of engine oil and/or filter replacement

Checking hydraulic fluid and coolant levels

Checking the cooling system including the radiators to the pumps and hoses

Making sure you engine is tuned to run in its peak condition

Suspension checks

Review and change of spark plugs

Check of car battery condition

Steering alignment

Mechanic working under the bonnet of a car

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Paul Jones
Paul Jones
Punctual and informative and talking to him isn't an issue. Came at short notice. Sorted the problem out. I'm now back on the road. Chris also answers his phone unlike some.
Donna Wiltshire
Donna Wiltshire
Excellent service, extremely professional, reliable & punctual. Highly recommended…. 5 star service ⭐️
carl fairchild
carl fairchild
Reliable, honest and professional I recommend this company and Chris to everyone!
Charlotte Birks
Charlotte Birks
Hi Chris and his team were superb - professional, trustworthy and work was excellent. I will only use him for our cars going forward. He's also really reasonable which is a bonus! Thanks Chris, awesome service!
Khadim Khan
Khadim Khan
Chris was absolutely excellent. He put a new timing belt on my van and also a new water pump and anti freeze. I highly recommend him and he comes to you!! Will definitely use him again. And a good price.and he didn't take to long. And is very honest and friendly.
sherif Celaj
sherif Celaj
Very professional mechanic. Helpful and polite. Definitely will use him again in future.